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Troubleshooting and error explanation
Troubleshooting and error explanation
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- During your login in the event’s page, if the video freeze try to deactivate Ad-Blocker (if it is active). Also, you may log in to the event’s page from another browser or device.

- If the message “Unsupported viewing environment: Your system is having trouble playing this video” appears on your screen, confirm that you are using the latest version of your browser. Otherwise, update your system and check if your system may perform decode H264 video.

- If the message “Network error: A network hiccup interrupted playback. Please reload the player and try again” appears on your screen, means that your browser or your device has been disconnected from the stream. Try to refresh the page and if the problem remains check your internet connection. If the problem still remains deactivate extensions, firewalls or proxies that may cause the interruption to video.

- If the message “Playback error: We’re having trouble playing this video” probably you left open the video for a long time. Try to refresh the page and enter again to the stream, within the permitted period of time.

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