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How do I redeem Coupon Code?
How do I redeem Coupon Code?
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If you have voucher from a (e.g., Facebook promo, promotional campaigns - contests, etc.) you can redeem it on the payment page.

If there aren’t specific redemption terms for the Voucher, the following applies:

Vouchers are valid:

1. For the products to which the page providing them refers

2. Valid only for return itineraries, for at least 2 adults.

3. The validation of Vouchers is one week from the date the discount code was sent unless there is state something else according to the terms.

4. Vouchers can be redeemed by online purchases only (payment by credit - debit - prepaid card or viva wallet account) or through the mobile application

5. Vouchers cannot be combined with other offers, and only one coupon can be used per purchase.

6. Vouchers, unless otherwise stated in each competition or promotion, are strictly personal and non-transferable.

7. If the value of the voucher is greater than the purchase value of the service, then there is a minimum charge of 1€ and the remaining amount of the voucher is not used.

8. In case of redemption of the Voucher and cancellation the order (either partial or total cancellation.), the value of the Voucher is not refundable.

9. The company reserves the right to modify these terms, as well as to shorten or extend the duration of the action or cancel it for any reason.

In order to use the Voucher, you have, after filling in the passenger details and just below the Ticket Collection Method, you will need to select the corresponding field.

After choosing "Continue" you will be redirected to the payment page, and on the left, in the Product Analysis, you can see the field "Enter yor Coupon".

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