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Fan Identification via Wallet
Fan Identification via Wallet
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With your ticket in your Wallet, you can attend your favorite team's match! Starting from April 9, 2024, identification via Wallet is recommended for every fan who wants to watch their favorite team.

To allow fans enough time to adjust, until the end of the 2023/24 season, entry to stadiums will be permitted both in the traditional way and with the ticket in the Wallet.

The ticket issuance process for you remains the same.

Identification Process:

Recommended Identification: Phase 1

From April 9, 2024

After purchasing the ticket, the fan is informed by, specifically on the order page, about the recommendation for identification via Wallet.

Entry to stadium:

✅ With a traditional ticket or ✅ Through Wallet

Identification Required: Phase 2

2024-2025 season

After purchasing the ticket, the fan is informed that IDENTIFICATION AND STORAGE OF THE TICKET in the Wallet are REQUIRED to enter the stadium.

Entry to stadium:

❌ With a traditional ticket ✅ Through Wallet

Once you've completed your ticket purchase through, open the Wallet app, select "Tickets" from the main menu, then select the add button (+) on the top right to enter the new ticket and enter the unique ticket code.

Next, you'll need to confirm with your stored biometric data or the PIN you have in the Wallet app to display the QR Code or Barcode, which you'll use to enter the stadium.

Before starting the ticket registration process via Wallet, make sure you have registered your details in the National Communication Registry (E.M.Ep.).

If you haven't registered your details in E.M.Ep., visit and follow the instructions on the page!

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