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Frequently Asked Questions about the Process
Frequently Asked Questions about the Process
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When does the new entry method to stadiums take effect?

According to the Joint Ministerial Decision of Deputy Minister of Sports Giannis Vroutsis and Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou, the new entry method to stadiums with tickets in the Wallet takes effect from April 9, 2024.

However, to address any issues in the new process and to give fans enough time to adjust, until the end of the current sports season, entry to stadiums will be allowed both in the traditional way and with tickets in the Wallet.

Which matches does it apply to?

Entry to stadiums with tickets in the Wallet will apply to Super League 1 matches as well as the Greek Cup.

Can I cancel my ticket after verification in the Wallet?

Ticket cancellation can only be done by the ticket provider and only in cases where it is permitted. Subsequently, the ticket is automatically canceled in the Wallet application. In the case of canceling an accompanying ticket, the declaration of accompanying minors is also automatically canceled.

What about season tickets?

For season tickets, the same rules apply as for regular tickets. Holders can enter the stadium until the end of the current sports season either in the manner that was in effect until April 9, 2024, or with the new entry method using the ticket in the Wallet.

Can I transfer my ticket from the Wallet application?

There is no option to change the ticket holder from the Wallet. This process must be done by the ticket issuing provider, if permitted.

What does ticket verification mean?

Ticket verification means matching a unique ticket code with a physical person. To ensure the validity of the verification process, it will be done through the Wallet application, so that the real details of the person are automatically retrieved.

What is the National Communication Registry?

The National Communication Registry (NCR - is the information system for managing the central database of unique registration of communication details of all individuals to whom a Tax Identification Number (TIN) has been assigned.

I don't have TAXISnet codes but I have a passport, can I verify my ticket in Wallet?

If you are a permanent resident abroad with a third-country passport, you can verify your ticket in the Wallet application as a visitor. You will need the ticket code and the passport, which you must allow the application to read using the NFC chip it contains.

If you encounter any problems during ticket verification, you can contact the special offices located within the stadiums, which will verify you in person and activate your ticket in the Wallet application.

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