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How to redeem a Voucher / discount code
How to redeem a Voucher / discount code
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In order to redeem your Voucher, you must select the event you are interested in.

Select the date you want and one of the images below appears.

  • If the venue has numbered seats, the field to enter your code is located above the price list, on the left of the screen, as shown below.

By selecting the "Apply" button, it shows you the message "The price list has changed” and displays the new prices.

Attention: The code must be entered before selecting seats.

  • If the venue is not numbered, "Please insert your code" appears in the ticket selection field.

By pressing it, a field appears to insert your code.

Select the "Redeem" field, which will have turned green, and the new prices appear in the window.

In case you use Voucher, but the booking is not completed, you can use it again after 20 minutes.

Codes, such as COSMOTE deals for you, are excluded from this process. These codes, if used, are "burned" and cannot be reused.

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